Viva la Moda Cafe

"Let us only your best friends"

"Let us only your best friends"

"I just got back from Międzyzdroje, where I had the opportunity and pleasure to find your cafe viva la fashion. Restaurant is gorgeous: white decor, great menu and drinks, friendly service and great music. Because I lived on the premises Krasickiego passed by several times a day and for Every time the music was the perfect level. wonderful atmosphere of the place will be a lasting memory and I recommend it to all my friends"
Your sincerely, Dominik W."

"At the beginning I wanted to congratulate the idea and implementation of the VIVA LA FASHION CAFE. I admit that as I come to Międzyzdroje every year it's never me so attracted and satisfied. Decorated everything with class and character starting with the decor, the cuisine and ending with ... waiter ...
sending congratulation!
I Inspired"

I'll write short and to the-EXCELLENT A more substantive ... first class restaurant, nice atmosphere, very comfortable which is rare and no the color I loved the idea of ​​how I think the most hit, the entire frame without reservation service even appropriately chosen (nice and friendly bartenders and waiters waitress handsome-TO THESE WOMEN AS MY OBSERVATIONS as my colleague said ..... HERE THERE IS NAKED.

Viva la Fashion Cafe is a unique, exclusive, original and swashbuckling place that intrigue anyone who exceeds the limits ...

It's a place for people who appreciate the fun with challenging world music rhythms.

It's a place for people who appreciate the fun with challenging world music rhythms.

What's more, the property is well publicized through the zone BOSE sound system - and we can only boast of międzyzdrojskich MY premises.

Before visiting the place captivates music coming out of the speakers and a selection of drinks in the bar, guests will delight in the original interior. Atmosphere complemented the color of guiding premises - white, producing climate completely out of this world.

So no surprise to anyone the fact that viva la fashion cafe is frequently visited by people related to fashion, music, acting, sports Jerzy Dudek, M. Cielecka, Piotr Adamczyk, Tomasz Karolak, Ewa Minge, Robert Moscow and many others.

The place is host to many exciting events and meetings including:

  • Festival of Stars,
  • Run Athletics Breakfast meeting them,
  • Moët & Chandon night,
  • Komar and T. W. locksmith,
  • This happens only in VIVA,
  • Mission Impossible in Viva la Fashion,
  • An Evening with Marilyn Monroe,
  • Viva la Moda kids party,
  • „The flavors without borders WYBOROWA”,
  • „ABSOLUT emotions”,
  • „BALLANTINES find your space”,
  • Cuban drinks &€HVANA CLUB”

These evenings will make you beautiful hostesses and besides, attractive gifts and promotion of drinks.